About Cocaine
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About Cocaine

If you or someone you know is using cocaine, it is important to know the facts about cocaine and the dangers associated with the drug. The purpose of this site is to provide you accurate information about cocaine and to help those suffering with cocaine addiction or abuse. Cocaine addiction is a devastating condition that can destroy lives if not professionally treated. When cocaine abuse is ignored, health problems, emotional stability, and psychological issues overcome the addict and life deteriorates quickly.

About CocaineMost of us are not knowledgeable about cocaine and cocaine addiction and you likely have a lot of questions. Researching information about cocaine and treatment for cocaine addiction can seem overwhelming so we encourage you to call us at the toll-free number listed on this site to help you navigate the process. Whether your questions are related to finding specific facts about cocaine or you want to discuss cocaine treatment options or you are not sure if you or your loved one really has a problem; Our experienced counselors can help educate you about cocaine, cocaine addiction, and cocaine treatment.

Cocaine addiction continues to plague our Nation. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) estimates that in 2007 there were 2.1 million current (past-month) cocaine users. All of these users are at high risk of cocaine addiction.

A common myth is that cocaine is not addictive because it lacks the physical withdrawal symptoms seen in alcohol or heroin. Cocaine has extremely powerful psychological addictive properties. As more than one user has reflected, "I don't want to use cocaine anymore, but why can't I stop?" Once having tried cocaine, an individual will have difficulty predicting or controlling the extent to which he or she will continue to use the drug, resulting in cocaine addiction. 

Cocaine addiction spares no one and it has spread throughout our society. Cocaine addiction does not respect age, profession, race, religion, or physical attributes. Cocaine Addiction is a devastating condition that not only degrades a persons health, but it destroys friendships, marriages, families and communities. No one associated with the cocaine addict goes unscathed.  

 Those who become addicted to cocaine experience powerful cravings that overtake their ability to stop using cocaine on their own, even in the face of devastating consequences. Cocaine addicts may display marked changes in behavior and attitude as the length of addiction grows longer over time. Relationships with family members and friends can deteriorate rapidly, performance at work and/or school can become dramatically decreased. Often a cocaine addict will lie to cover his or her using habits and can often be pushed into a life of crime to help finance their cocaine addiction. In the long-term, it is difficult to hide cocaine addiction for any length of time.

Too many people have felt the pain and destruction of Cocaine addiction. Cocaine addiction causes its victims to commit harmful acts to everything around them in their surrounding area. The result of this unexplainable behavior is the addict abandons their friends and family, leading to emotional pain for everyone.

If you or someone close to you is experiencing cocaine addiction problems, it is imperative that you seek cocaine addiction treatment immediately. Where cocaine addiction is concerned, time is of the essence, and the sooner a solution is offered to the addict, the sooner they are on the road to recovery. 

About Cocaine
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